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SENNEX® tumor therapy system – Medical product

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Advanced Therapy

Enhanced drug delivery with short high voltage pulses.

Short Procedure

Usually takes 20/30 minutes. Can be done under local anaesthesia. 

Independent of

Previous chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. 

Secure Procedure

Safe and simple procedure when guidelines are followed.

Side Effects

Usually only mild side- effects seen after treatment.

Quick Response

Effect on bleeding and secretions often seen in 48 hours. 

Tumor Control

Tumor regression can be achieved in 2 to 4 weeks.

High Success Rate

High rate of response for various tumor types. 

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The purpose of the SENNEX® EPT (ElectroPorationTherapy) and ECT (ElectroChemoTherapy) system is to treat cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours and metastases in cases where palliative treatment is indicated. Depending on their size, the tumours are treated from the skin surface using electric microseconds-impulses applied by minimally invasive needle electrodes.

The EPT/ECT procedure is combined with a local chemotherapy.

SENNEX® system is approved and certified in terms of the European regulation for medical devices.

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