Oncological Medical Advice

It is applied directly at the site of the tumor. Short electric pulses make the cell membranes transiently permeable. 

As a result, the intracellular accumulation of the chemotherapeutic drug can be increased substantially. 

ECT is used for local treatment and control of tumors. Effects on bleeding and secretion are often seen in a few days. 

Bleomycin and Cisplatin are the two drugs currently used for ECT. Bleomycin can be administered intra-tumorally or intravenously, depending on the number and size of the tumors. Cisplatin can be administered only intra-tumorally. 

Device Features

User Friendly

Comfortable touch screen operations and very simple menu logic.

Data Storage

Patient data and therapy parameters stored.

Visual Feedback

Quick visual feedback on ‘therapy progress’.

Easy to carry

Portable medical device.


Where and When to use?

SENNEX® ElectroChemoTherapy (ECT) is a local palliative treatment. It is recommended for treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous metastases independent of the primary tumor type. 1 It can also be used as a palliative treatment for head and neck cancers recurring after multi-modality treatment. 2,3 Small cutaneous metastases cam ofter be treated in one session. In larger tumors, multiple sessions are often required. 


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