Theory and Practice

Bionics show us a new direction in medicine. The therapeutic possibilities are manifold, and we are still at the beginning of this development. Many fields of application have already been identified and developed by us, and there is no end to this success story in sight.

By new developments and advancements in medical engineering, we made the therapeutic options of bionics and biomedicine available to the medicinal practice for physical applications.

Our scientists, engineers and technicians combine theory and practice. Close collaboration and permanent feedback are the basis of our medical engineering therapy systems.
Apart from this, our methods can be used for influencing cell characteristics in order to support the pharmacological effects of medication with certain diseases.

To become familiar with the application of our products and to use them in a professional setting, e.g. as a therapist, we recommend the relevant training courses – because here, too, theory and practice must be combined.

Our products supplement and support the classic therapeutic options of the attending physicians at an increasing rate – to the benefit of all patients.