Since 1995 BionMed® Technologies GmbH has been producing useful, high-quality high-tech systems for daily, predominantly medicinal applications based on scientific insights in biology, bionics and biomedicine.

Our systems and procedures are protected by patents.

The worldwide operating enterprise is part of swedish Oncology Medical Device AB (Stockholm).

BionMed® Technologies GmbH is located at the Science Park of the Saarland University in Saarbrücken, where we can make the best use of synergies between science, research, development and marketing.

We work in close cooperation with the International Bionics Centre, which is located in the same building complex, and are integrated into the Local Bionics Network in Saarbrücken. Apart from our own developments we also support other companies in the sectors of biomedicine and bionics, for which we develop and enhance devices.

New medical products are permanently being developed by our engineers and technicians who build prototypes for certification, optimise established devices, and test the medical engineering innovations until they are ready for the market. With a tight-knit distribution network of cooperating traders and our own sales force, we regard ourselves as a service provider for health.